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  1. Angpow KawKaw 2021 is a 1-time event organized by iClub88 – SG/MY in conjunction with Chinese New Year 2021.
  2. The event period is as follows:
    Start: 09-02-2021 @ 00:00:00
    End: 22-02-2021 @ 24:00:00
  3. During the event period, members are required to perform a deposit of minimum SGD 100 to receive 1 ticket. Every SGD 100 = 1 ticket. UNLIMITED number of tickets to be earned daily throughout the event, the MORE you deposit the MORE entry ticket you receive.
  4. Unused tickets for the event are given 1 day in lieu after the event period above. Any unused tickets earned through this event will be forfeited after 23-02-2021 @ 24:00:00
  5. Ticket can be used to enter any of the 3 Mini Games Room. Higher Level room offer higher prizes including Jackpot. Please refer on below Details.
    Room Tickets To Enter Available Jackpot
    1 1 Minor, Mini
    2 3 Major, Minor, Mini
    3 5 Grand, Major, Minor, Mini
  6. Through this event, members can expect to receive fabulous prizes; offered Credit Prizes, Jackpot.
  7. Jackpot Prizes will be in a running number, whenever an iClub88 member wins away any of below Jackpot, the prize value will return to its initial value.
    Jackpot Prize (Initial Value)
    Grand ≥ SGD 88,888
    Major ≥ SGD 8,888
    Minor ≥ SGD 888
    Mini ≥ SGD 88
  8. Each game of Each room is given 10 second and Maximum 10 Ang Pao to catch. Catch it as many as you can !
  9. All prizes redeemed throughout this event are subjected to 8 times turnover requirement before withdrawal can be made.
    Prize List
    4D Ticket
  10. This promotion is valid until the CNY Angpow KawKaw 2021 ended and iClub88 reserves the right to change and remove this promotion at any time with or without prior notification.
  11. General promotional Terms & Conditions applied.